Agency services

Real estate brokerage and consultancy

1 - Accurate valuation through the study and analysis of the local real estate market in terms of value and level of interest in the area, with targeted studies and searched aimed at determining the most appropriate sale or rental price;

2 - Promotion of the sale of products via publication in national specialist magazines and distributed on a national level by the same via the most important real estate search engines, accompanied by a full presentation as well as photographs and plans of every single product, as well as on our website and in our window displays;

3 - Research for clients for the most appropriate solution, with the insertion of the precise request into our database;

4 - Client protection and support at all stages of negotiations (proposal for purchase, preliminary sale contract, notary deed) through the preparation of contracts, registration of the same when required by law, and the study and control of documentation required for the successful completion of the process;

5 - Advantageous agreements with banks for mortgages or loans, with notary firms for the completion of the deed of sale, and with local construction companies for refurbishments and new constructions;

6 - Written and documented surveys and estimates for real estate, land, property exchanges and businesses within 48 hours of the request being made, with free consultancy for our clients;

7 - Mortgage register searches, updated land registry searches, urban planning compliance searches;

Agency services

Real estate management and technical support

1 - Management and periodical checks of property on behalf of the owners;

2 - Intermediation for tourist and residential rents, with assistance for accompaniment and consignment of the property on behalf of the owners;

3 - Agreements with artisans and professionals for any maintenance requested and authorised by the owners to be carried out in their property;

4 - Preparation and registration of commercial or residential property contracts;

5 - Energy Performance Certification (APE) prepared by a qualified technician through property inspection in order to gain all necessary information regarding the construction of a property in terms of thermal insulation and energy consumption. As of 2013, it has been legally compulsory to provide energy certification for rental contracts, sale contracts, property donations and other non-financial transfers of property (Italian law 90 of 3 August 2013) at the moment of publication of the relative announcement regarding rental, sale or other;

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